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Lola Rainey

Hello. My name is Lola Rainey. I'm a writer, educator and activist inspired by the bold and uncommon paths people take on their incredible life journeys.

Lola Rainey is a native southwesterner and lover of deserts. I grew up with an acute awareness of the need to fight for social justice.  I was active in community based, anti-poverty programs in high school. Working with grassroots activists inspired me to make advocacy on behalf of disadvantaged people/groups my life work. I attended school at the University of Arizona where I obtained a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree in journalism. I later graduated from the University of Arizona College of Law with a Juris Doctorte (J.D.), followed by a Master of Laws (LL.M.) degree in international trade law. Although I spent many years practicing law, first as a prosecutor than as an attorney in private practice, I sought outlets for my love of creative expression. Over the years, I've published numerous articles on a variety of social topics and I'm the author of 3 books: a poetry chapbook (The Rainy Season), a children's book (Sad Sam, Glad Sam) and literary fiction (Havasu Means Blue Water). In recent years, I've had the privilege to live and work abroad teaching English, writing and literature to students in Southeast Asia and Africa. I'm living stateside once again, back in the desert, and I'm looking forward to the next leg of my journey.

Lola Rainey's Background

Lola Rainey's Experience

Community Based Organization and Resource Development Consultant at Rainey Enterprises

November 2013 - Present | Tucson, AZ

I trouble shoot organizational challenges encountered by small, community based non-profits. I assist clients with long-range planning, program development, staff retention/ training, volunteer recruitment and community outreach. As a resource development consultant, I connect non-profits to resources to help grow their organizations.

Lola Rainey's Interests & Activities

I love writing, sculpture, poetry, reading books, flamenco dancing, making jewelry, playing the guitar and harmonica (beginner) and laughing.

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